Director Stacie Passon
Cast Alexandra Daddario, Sebastian Stan, Crispin Glover
Producer Michael Douglas, Robert Mitas, Jared Goldman, Further Films
Genre Drama
Site Article on Castle at The Guardian
Scoring Complete. Release date TBC.
Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson.

Director Toby Macdonald
Cast Alex Lawther, Pauline Étienne
Producer Luke Morris
Genre Dramatic Comedy
Scoring Complete. Release date TBC.
Director Trevor White
Cast Ed Harris, Rich Sommer
Producer Tim White, Starthrower
Genre Drama
Site trackingboard/mad-men-star-rich-sommer-joins-ed-harris
Release date Spring 2018.
Premiered Los Angeles Film Festival 2017.
followingfilms "Andrew Hewitt provides a beautiful score"

Director William Monahan
Cast Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Walter Goggins, Mark Wahlberg
Producer A24 Films
Genre Thriller

Screendaily "The strongest influence here is the spaghetti western, and that sauce is seasoned with homages to Sergio Leone by composer Andrew Hewitt"

Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Cast Billy Crudup, Tye Sheridan, Michael Angarano
Producer ITC Films
Genre Psychological Drama

The Wrap "The excellent music by Andrew Hewitt (The Double, The Brass Teapot) incorporates a metronomic ticking on occasion, as if God were watching events with one eye on some cosmic stopwatch and making notes for Himself"
Variety "Andrew Hewitt’s score, by turns churning and ominous, adds a jolt of momentum that keeps the proceedings from becoming as clinical as the context might demand"
Irishtimes "Prepare for dread: the mounting complimented by Andrew Hewitt’s pulsing, ominous score" "Some of the best features were courtesy of music composer Andrew Hewitt, who layered the movie with pulsing and haunting basslines, mixed with abrupt and deafening silences" "Ably assisted by Andrew Hewitt's minimalist score"

Director Kasra Farahani
Cast James Caan, Logan Miller, Keir Gilchrist
Producer Trevor White, Starthrower Films
Genre Psychological Thriller
Premiered SXSW Film Festival - In Theaters September 2016

Director Richard Ayoade
Cast Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, James Fox
Producer Robin Fox, Alcove
Genre Psychological Drama

Indiewire "The film is a distinct pleasure...the score by Andrew Hewitt is one of the best we’ve heard in a while. A joy to watch... propelled by a great score"
LA Times "a crack creative team that includes composer Andrew Hewitt's haunting score"
Variety "operatically amped up by Andrew Hewitt’s thunderous orchestral score"

Director Richard Bracewell
Cast Ben Willbond, Laurence Rickard, Mathew Baynton
Producer BBC Films
Genre Comedy Adventure
Site bbcfilms/film/bill

Award Reel Music Awards - Winner: Best Comedy Score of the Year
Soundtrack Varese Sarabande -

Director Stephen Brown
Cast Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Natascha McElhone
Producer Luc Roeg
Genre Drama

Variety "Andrew Hewitt’s elegant score, graced with a number of arrestingly mournful solos by violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn"
Hollywood Reporter "Another major player here is Andrew Hewitt’s watchful and tentative modern score, promising a chilly revelation"
The Independent "The film, with a haunting score by Andrew Hewitt, moves gracefully between periods in its protagonist's life and captures his sense of yearning and loss"
Soundtrack Milan Records - Featuring Violin Soloist Hilary Hahn

Director Ramaa Mosley
Cast Michael Angarano, Juno Temple
Producer Atlantic Pictures
Genre Fantasy Comedy

Director Richard Ayoade
Cast Sally Hawkins, Paddy Considine, Noah Taylor
Producer Warp Films
Genre Dramatic Comedy

Variety "Oliver, unlike Rushmore’s ever-perky Max Fischer, carries a droopier, less extroverted screen presence — a sensibility matched by Andrew Hewitt’s moody music"
The Independent "Composer Andrew Hewitt contributes a fetchingly dead-on pastiche of Georges Delerue's scores for Godard and Truffaut"
Collider "a beautiful score from Andrew Hewitt"
Soundtrack MovieScoreMedia -

Director Richard Bracewell
Cast Richard E Grant, Laura Fraser, Tamsin Greig
Producer Cuckoo Films
Genre Psychological Drama

Den of Geek "Andrew Hewitt's emotional music score is beautifully understated and atmospheric, a perfect accompaniment to the eeriness of the surroundings and a perfect reflection of Polly's fraught state of mind"
Maintitles "Hewitt has composed a top-notch score"

Director Katherine Round
Producer Dartmouth Films
Genre Documentary Feature

Director Ross Ashcroft
Cast Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz
Producer Motherlode
Genre Documentary Feature

Director Richard Ayoade
Cast Richard Ayoade, Matt Holness
Producer Channel4
Genre TV Comedy Series
Award BAFTA NOMINATION - Best New Composer for Film & Television

Episodes Once Upon a Beginning
Hell Hath Fury
Skipper the Eyechild
The Apes of Wrath
Scotch Mist
The Creeping Moss from the Shores of Shuggoth

Director Richard Ayoade
Cast Richard Ayoade, Matt Holness
Producer Channel4
Genre TV Comedy Series

Episodes Garth Marenghi
Steve Pising
Glynn Nimron
Amir Chanan
Randolph Caer

Director Sean Grundy
Cast Mark McGann, Simon Lowe
Producer Pioneer, Channel4, ZDF
Genre TV Movie - Action Drama

Director Richard Downes
Producer BBC
Genre TV Historical MiniSeries

Episodes A Family At War
A King Without A Crown
And I Will Make Them One Nation

Director Stephen Marsh
Cast Tony Robinson
Producer Pioneer Productions
Genre TV Historical Series

Episodes Birth of the Planet
Snowball Earth
Planet of Fire
Asteroid Strike
Survival Earth

Andrew is a Bafta Nominated composer who scores out of his passion for cinema.  From his Los Angeles home studio he composes scores from full symphony orchestra to chamber soloists and electronics, which he also orchestrates, conducts and produces.

Andrew most recently completed scoring features A Crooked Somebody (Ed Harris, Rich Sommer), Old Boys and Castle - click left for details.

Previous features include thriller Mojave (Oscar Isaac, dir William Monahan), award winning drama The Stanford
Prison Experiment
(Billy Crudup) and acclaimed drama
The Double (Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska).

A classical performer since childhood, and a graduate of Cambridge University, Andrew brings to his scoring lifelong experience from global tours performing in hundreds of concerts and operas, and in the recording studio in many soundtracks including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Stanford and Mojave soundtracks to be released soon
Bill wins Reel Music Awards 'Best Comedy Score of the Year' (recording pictured above)
The Waiting (James Caan) premieres SXSW Film Festival - see clip
Mojave "old-fashioned movie pleasure" LA Times
Routledge Companion to Film Music to feature chapter on Andrew and Bernard Herrmann's doppelganger scores
Stanford Prison Experiment wins twice at Sundance - bluray release

Patty Macmillan LA 1 818 707 4244
Andrew Los Angeles